From the Winter 2001 issue belonging to the News Media & The Law, webpage 17.

Courts around the region are developing and acquiring the technology to provide Internet or electric access to court records. It can make files searches faster and more powerful for the press and members of the public. Although privacy pursuits are forcing some tennis courts to concern whether to allow for such broad access to courthouse documents.

A number of suggests are considering new rules concerning electronic usage of court records. Several click to read of these proposals minimize electronic entry to specific types of data, including felony case data. These types of details are more hypersensitive and present more potential just for privacy concerns than civil case data. Other plans are more extensive and will allow the general public to look at most papers, but with limitations on specified data elements or kinds of information just like social security numbers or perhaps medical data.

The judiciary is requesting public opinions on these types of proposals. If you are interested in the situation, you should contact a state’s legislators and ask them to support amendments to mention open reports laws that permit wide-ranging access to every court records, irrespective of their type. You should also encourage attorneys to contact their chosen officials and need them to oppose any plans that minimize access to electronic digital records.