PDF_downlaod Forest Resource Sector Transparency Programme in Uganda 2013-2017 (Care Intl-Ug)
PDF_downlaod Uganda’s National REDD+ Programme MWE/CONS/14-15/00439, Oct 2017
PDF_downlaodThe 9th Joint Government of Uganda-Development Partners Sector Review 2017 Agreed Minutes
PDF_downlaodWater and Environment Sector Performance Report 2017

PDF_downlaodENR-CSO Network Presentation for Joint Sector Review 2016

PDF_downlaodWater and Environment Sector Performance Report 2016

PDF_downlaodAgreed minutes for the Water and Environment Joint Technical Review 2016

PDF_downlaodPromoting Green Urban Development in African Cities 2015

PDF_downlaodCSO Position Paper to COP21 - 2015.

PDF_downlaod Draft Agreement for COP21 - 2015.

PDF_downlaod Final Forestry Petition to District Council Kabarole.

PDF_downlaodAMCEN Ministerial Statement 2015

PDF_downlaodUganda Poverty Status Report 2014

PDF_downlaodLocal Leaders and Actors' role in promoting Good Governance in Uganda

PDF_downlaodENR-CSO Network Position Paper to the 7th MWE JSR FY 2014-2015

PDF_downlaodNatural Resource Utilization and Waste Management-World Environment day 2015.

PDF_downlaodCSO Forest Manifesto for 2016 General Elections.