The following recommendations should be stepped-up for Uganda to be able to Beat Plastic Pollution:

  • The Government through the line Ministries, City and Urban Authorities should step-up regulation and enforcement of the policies and laws, which guide sustainable management of waste including plastic. Strategies for effective waste management through application of the 3R’s should be applied at all scales;
  • Community based initiatives and innovations for waste management must be promoted and supported, for they turn waste including plastic into valuable products which create employment and generate incomes while cleaning up the environment;
  • CSOs and networks should continuous engage the Government through providing alternative research based policy and practice recommendation to influence decision making and investments for sustainable waste management along the waste generation chain at levels; and
  • All Ugandans are encouraged to change their attitudes and practices in respect to waste management so that they can generate less waste and also take responsibility in its management and disposal at the source were its generated through waste sorting, recycling and re-using. This requires more targeted awareness and education of all stakeholders.

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