Environmental Alert (EA) is a Ugandan Non-Governmental Organization that promotes sustainable livelihoods for the poor and marginalized through sustainable agriculture and natural resources management and WASH. EA is seeking for four (4) research assistants for participatory documentation of good practices, success stories and lessons learnt under the FAO funded GCCA project.

2.0 Purpose of documentation of good practices, success stories and lessons learnt for GCCA project
To generate stakeholder’s views and perspectives about the good practices, success stories and lessons learnt in respect to climate change adaptation as supported/promoted through the GCCA project interventions in the six cattle corridor districts.
Notable is that the participants who will be involved in the Focus Group Discussions, will be selected members of an active FFS group. This group and or its members must be demonstrating and or practicing the good practices at their central learning plots or on-farm, respectively. The NGO which facilitated the interventions through the FFS approach and the District GCCA focal points will assist in the identification of the FFS groups demonstrating the good practices and success stories in respect to climate change adaptation. 10-15 members of the FFS will be involved in the FGD and at-least 1 FGD will be held in each district.

Furthermore, a definition for a good practice and successful story in this context will be developed and or refined through interaction with these stakeholders. Thus, a simple criterion for assessment of a good practice will be developed. Possibly, the key considerations in this respect would be whether such a practice contributes to environmental sustainability; its socially and culturally acceptable; its economically viable; it contributes to community climate change adaptation and resilience; it can be easily replicated and up-scaled to other areas; and any other considerations.

3.0. Roles and responsibilities for research assistants
The Research Assistant will work under the direction of a supervisor and will undertake the following tasks:
a. Participate is a 2 day training ( 10-11 October, 2016);
b. Conduct at-least 1 focus group discussion (FGD) for 10-15 members of the FFS in each district;
c. Identify and document at least 5 good practices, success stories and lessons learnt among FFS per district;
d. Conduct key informants interview based on a checklist.

4.0. Qualifications:
A recognized undergraduate or master degree or comparable qualification in a relevant discipline. Experience is not a prerequisite but experience of conducting similar tasks in research in the same thematic areas and report writing experience is an advantage.

5.0. Key Competencies:
a. Strong spoken and written communications skills;
b. Excellent observation and analytic skills;
c. Computer software knowledge such as Microsoft Office, knowledge of statistical packages such as Excel, SPSS, STATA (knowledge of other statistical software is an added advantage) and general Internet and electronic communications;
d. A good Interpersonal/human relation skills;
e. Demonstrated skills for engaging with adults in development work.

6.0. Confidentiality:
a. Manage, preserve and protect confidential and sensitive data with integrity;
b. Maintain the confidentiality of personal information obtained as a result of carrying out the research.

7.0. Termination
The Research Assistant appointment may be terminated on or before expiry of tenure under the following conditions:
a. Incompetence or neglect of duty as determined by the Supervisor;
b. Misconduct that is job-related as determined by the supervisor;
c. Falsification of data

Terms of the contract
Starting date: Ready and willing to start on Monday 10, October 2016 with a training.
Duration of contract: Five days (including Identification and documentation of at least 5 good practices, success stories and lessons learnt among FFS per district

Send your applications to Godfery Lutwama at lutgodie@yahoo.com with a copy to Ambrose Bugaari at pm@envalert.org or ambrose_bugaari@yahoo.com not later than Thursday 7th October 2016.