The ENR-CSO Network validation workshop is an annual engagement in which the Network mobilizes its members and creates awareness about the annual joint sector review among its members through a process facilitated by the secretariat through compiling the annual Mini performance report. The consolidated report is then validated by it before it is submitted to the MWE for compilation in the Sector performance report clearly highlighting the progress in the implementation with a focus on achievements, challenges and emerging issues. The validation also provides an avenue for CSOs to generate appropriate recommendations to take forward into the subsequent financial year that are presented as a position paper. The validation meeting is scheduled for 14 September 2017. It is published and disseminated among the targeted policy and decision makers and the wider public through newspaper supplements, social media and leaflets. This is augmented by active participation of selected ENR-CSO Network members during the main event of the annual joint sector review. It is through this that they influence the final annual undertakings.

For your information, the Water and Environment sector reviews her performance annually in as far as achieving its set out objectives and targets through the Ministry of Water and Environment Annual Joint sector review (JSR) process. Through the JSR, the Ministry clearly identifies the constraints, challenges, opportunities as a basis for repositioning for the subsequent years. It’s one of the consultative arrangements for implementation of a sector-wide approach to planning (SWAP) in the water and environment sector.  This year’s JSR scheduled to take place in the week of 26-28th September, will provide an opportunity for civil Society organisations (CSOs) to critically analyse agreed undertakings of the previous year, 2016/17 and recommend actions to be undertaken by government in the following financial year 2017/18, under the theme, ‘Exploring financing  opportunities for water and environment sector investment.’